Monday, May 14, 2018

Schengen temporary visa stay time tracker

Americans are only allowed to stay in Schengen Europe for 90 days out of the previous 180 days. Below is a link to a spreadsheet you can copy and use to track how much time you have left to stay - and the date you must leave by.

Input the dates that you enter and leave Shengen

The results are listed below.

Comments and feedback welcome!

*No warranties with this spreadsheet sorry!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trip to Falcon Heavy

Back in 2011 Aryeh and I drove down to Cape Canaveral to watch the very last space shuttle launch. (Read, all, about it on the blog).

This year I'm attempting to watch the first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket (see static fire below).

Along the way I've stopped at Savannah Georgia - where an art student was collecting vaguely constrained notes from random people - that will then be turned into art. I wrote this slightly overdramatic bit with some questionable facts and terrible handwriting. I'm writing about the overview effect: if I ever hear back about what art they turn it into - I will be posting about it here!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Toilet made by Apple computers

I'm super excited to bring back the all time favorite "restrooms" tag on the blog to discuss this awesome toilet:

Thats right, the bite of the apple is the small flush... and in case you think that the similarity to the Apple logo is just a coincidence can see below that the brand of toilet is iPhoada which sounds a whole lot like iphone

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Russian (Kazakh?) engineering

This gate is never going to break. You operate it by finding some rocks and putting them in the little rock-holders. Would love to know more about who designed it when etc... found this by Lake Burabay, in Kazakhstan.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Please keep an eye out for this ferret

We may never know what happened to this ferret - but thanks to Google instant translate we at least know what the sign says.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Cold war foosball in Hungary

Look carefully, the US team is wearing little felt caps and the Soviet team all have fur hats.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dollar a day storage and you won't guess what happened

No wait - we could have totally guessed this might happen.

The sad part is that a dollar a day sound really cheap, but it isn't actually so cheap IMHO.

EDIT: Adding the tag "lessons on signage" do not have your storage advertising poster be half burnt to a crisp in the fire that is manifest to have consumed your entire building.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The cutest credit card

Regular blog readers will know I have a thing for personalized credit card design (and Eli too). I've made credit cards with gunshots through them, chunks cut out, and a few that I actually drew on by hand. But this time I wanted to go all out cut an entire shape.

Help me name the seal by leaving a comment!

Note the card isn't valid until signed, so there you have my signature. Also note that the magnetic strip is totally fine.

The best part is how cute the little guy (girl?) fits tucked away inside my wallet.

Actually swiping the card is also super fun, both for the person swiping, and for the little one too.

When I first decided to cut out a shape - I wanted it to be a clothes iron - I would cut out the handle. But alas the strict capitalone censors forbade it due to possible trademark infringement, even after I blurred out the company's logo. I'm glad though because ironing is naturally boring and seals are naturally awesome!

Below is what the card looked like before I cut it out. Note that the text is upside-down so the magnetic strip can end up on the bottom.

Sadly I haven't been able to find the original source of the image, it is one of those that appears a million places online though Google correctly identifies it as "animals doing yoga poses"

Help me name the seal in a comment!

PS: To see my former credit card designs follow this link: