Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things I Have Seen in the Past 15 Minutes

To explain, I seriously mean the past fifteen minutes. Number one, as I am leaving from a midterm I see three college students playing keep the ball up in a dorm parking lot (I remind you that it is now past twelve). While driving to my house I see a fox with a goose in its mouth. If this was just the first fifteen minutes I can’t wait for the rest of the day, I still have 95 more 15 minute periods.


  1. We have foxes in our neighborhood? Awsome! Just think - if they let hordes of foxes loose in Johnson Park it may fix the Canada goose problem. But then, when they run out of geese we may have another problem. Of course, we can always just bring in the bears...

  2. One goose down, 3 million more to go. One day it may be be safe to walk in Johnson Park again without looking where you are stepping. Anyway Eli, everyone knows it's foxes, to coyote, to bear. Chad Gadya ...

  3. Uncle Sysfrog3/28/06, 9:41 PM

    no doubt they are Canadian Geese sent to torture the residents of NJ.

    They come because the taxes are lower!!! :)

  4. You know what would really make a dent in the goose population? Students playing keep the goose up at 12:00 AM. Think about it. Students love drinking, and who would play Keep the Goose Up while sober? Students love making noise, and what could be noisier than torturing geese? It will be great! You could even start a rousing game of Keep the Fox Keeping the Goose Up Up. The possibilties are endless.