Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ballistic Eggs

First, some blogkeeping: I didn't post the last two weeks because of Passover (even though late last Thursday night was technically after Passover, I was still involved with Passover-related stuff). But, to make up for the last two weeks, this is a Passover PostTM:
Over the last few years our family has had trouble roasting the egg for the seder plate. Each time, somewhere in the middle of the roasting process the egg explodes, sending egg and shell shards all over the kitchen, and even out into the hall and living room. We've tried various different processes, yet none of them worked. For example, last year we tried roasting it in our (then) new grill (click on the picture for full effect):

In any case, this year Aryeh and I were not taking any chances:
(Un)fortunately, this year the egg did not explode: We tried getting the whole egg warm first and also poked some big holes in the shell. And yes, my regular glasses are actually Z87 compliant, impact-resistant, polycarbonate lab glasses (with removable side-shields). For those of you who are keeping score, I believe that's worth quite a few geek points.


  1. Eli those are the coolest glasses ever! . . . wait maybe theyre actually the nerdiest glasses ever. Okay theyre still the coolest lab glasses.

  2. Last Thurs night you were busy with passover related stuff? Really?

  3. I will of course refrain from commenting on this.
    P.S. Stacy just post as other and you will be able to post with your name instead of anonymous.

  4. It seems that you are right.

  5. LOL you guys look so intent.

  6. Hey is this one of those post that ends up with millions of comments for no apparent reason?

  7. As only the first comment has anything to do with the post and this is the seventh post I would definitly say that this looks like a post with a lot of comments for no apparent reason.

  8. So I was going to question the phrase "Passover-related stuff," but Stacy seems to have gotten to it first.
    Ah, well.

    But yes, Eli, you do get quite a few geek points. And I am keeping score. I think Yoni's in the lead, but not by much, and Aryeh could easily be the dark horse in this race.

  9. Etan Bukiet4/30/06, 1:39 AM

    In response to Ilan's post ...

    I think we need another post similar to: "Let's settle this debate once and for all..."

    I mean geek points are clearly very important.

  10. Uncle Sysfrog5/1/06, 10:55 PM

    Let's be clear...after Passover is really BEFORE Passover.

    The way to roast an egg properly such that it doesn't explode is to hard boil the egg first.

  11. Of course we always hard boil the egg before roasting it. Except for the one year my mother decided to roast one fresh. Needless to say we never ever would do it again. You should try it though.