Thursday, July 05, 2007

Collect them all

I am a recent graduate (finally officially) of Yeshiva University. This means I used to be a student and have a student ID. This also means that I am an alumnus of YU, which means I was able to get a YU Alumni ID. I am also an adjunct instructor of physics at YU, which means I needed to get a faculty ID (well, only needed so that I could get a copy of Mathematica 6.0). Anyone with other YU IDs - feel free to post 'em in the comments (if you need image hosting, let me know). Let's try for the whole collection.

Also, in response to the discussion regarding "On top of Manhattan," here is the actual top of Manhattan. I'm still looking into the Belfer Hall claim, but I'm beginning to think it's not accurate.


  1. maybe you can pull out the old astrolobe, aim it at lower manhattan and settle the claim,

  2. You're not going to prove anything with an astrolobe

  3. Bill Rodenberry7/10/07, 1:26 PM

    This should round out your collection. You have the one that I am missing, faculty. This photo is missing my Yeshiva College ID, which brings my collection down to 5 (Staff, Administration, Sy Syms, Alumni, Graduate Fellow)

  4. "Bill Rodenberry": We're still missing RIETS, Stern, and I think a few more. But thanks for contributing!