Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The floppy disk credit card

Lansey brothers followers will know that we love our credit card designs. My newest one has been particularly fun.

The date and name on the card comes from the "Michelangelo" computer virus which would only be active on that date.

Note the magnetic strip is completely toasted, but there are enough places now that don't require magnetic strips so it still works.

Since everybody loves gifs, here is a gif of the card:

Monday, June 01, 2020

KEEP CALM and SET SCE TO AUX T-Shirt design

I made another T-Shirt design, this one inspired by the time Apollo 12 was hit by lightening, all the telemetry data went haywire - and one "steely eyed missile man" John Aaron knew that "Set SCE to AUX" would fix the problem.

You can grab a T-Shirt on Teespring or Redbubble here:

I'm releasing the files with a creative commons license here:

Note, the technically that command from John Aaron was during lift off (thanks Aryeh) which is presumably why other shirts include the whole Saturn V rocket in the graphic, but personally I like the lunar module since it is has more similar proportions to the crown, and also looks more awesome and interesting than the command module.

To hear the whole story watch this video from Scott Manley - who incidentally is my favorite of the space vloggers.

The image of the lunar module was vectorized from scan of an this Apollo 11 media kit:

I am using this font (which you will need if you open the SVG). Love that capital "M".