Thursday, September 28, 2006

Big Brother is Watching You

For some time I've used the picture of my BNL ID as my profile picture on Facebook. Yesterday I got a call from Brookhaven informing me that they got a call from the US Dept. of Energy's security division (to which my first thought was: "I didn't do it! No, really, not this time."). It turns out that somehow they discovered my Facebook profile picture and were not happy about it. I needed to take it down immediately.
To be honest, I'm not really sure what the problem is, since the ID expired a few months ago, and they scanned a barcode on the back of it any time I entered Brookhaven. Also, I'm not quite sure why the DOE is even looking at Facebook and, assuming they do, how they found my profile out of all others. Although, as the following picture shows, I suspect that we may have discovered a major source of government ineffeciency.
In any case, rather than having the full force of the DOE's security SWAT team on my back, my Brookhaven National Laboratory ID is no longer my Facebook profile picture. Instead, it's this:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When we began on Sunday, October 30, 2005 the Lansey Brothers Blog was an instant hit. Since than we have had weird posts, we have had guest posts, we have had long posts, we have had comment posts and we have had insults. Now as we approach our first anniversary, our readers have begun to complain. We have been insulted about our grammar (oops, I mean my grammar, I will not bother linking anything there are to many) and we have been accused of loosing our spice. Well this thyme I will stand up for me and my siblings and say that we have all the spice you need in this one sentence. The pictures that follow where taken right before Eli and Stacy’s engagement party; I would like to make it clear that there in no Photoshoping involved and all the people involved have signed papers allowing us to post the pictures of them.

Who needs a shopping bag anyways.

Now for a nice relaxing sit in my den.

I've got lots of intresting things in my den.

Oh! So thats why my heads been hurting!


I woke up like this, No Really!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Hello all you Lansey Blog friends, I am back for my second post!!
My new husband and I have a difference in religious belief. I believe in divine providence and he doesn't. Usually I feel that this works to my advantage, seeing the revealed hand of God doing kindness for me every day! However, since we have gotten married and I have moved to Washington Heights, this belief in divine providence has had an unforeseen ramification. You see, more recently my relationship with God seems to depend on my parking spot.
I can already see the Washington Heights residents nodding and smiling because they are familiar with this phenomenon, but let me explain for the non residents. Basically, parking in the heights is very fickle. One day you will show up at 7pm and there is an awesome parking spot in front of your building and the next day (Which incidentally sometimes turns out to be a day you need to get home super quick) you will show up at 7 and you will drive around for a half an hour and have to park several blocks away and then in a spot in front of a school where you have to get up extra early to move your car by 7am so you are not blocking the school you are parking in front of.
Now I KNOW you have to be thankful for what you have, but God is omnipotent and I personally think that the Creator of the universe that hooked me up with the super cool apartment can also find me a parking spot every night at my desired time and location. Right?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The View

Stacy and I have a really nice apartment (no, I'm not about to post the address on the blog. You think I'm that stupid?) but it doesn't have much of a view. However, if you walk around 10 feet out of our building this is what you see:

And from around 20 feet:
[Thanks Yoni for the latter photo.]

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahoy Matey!!!

Now that t' festivities be over, t' Lansey Brothers blog can return t' normal. o' course that be for a given value o' normal. For a little update, I be now a sophomore, and officially a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineerin' major. I be t' assistant design team leader for t' Rutgers Chapter o' t' AIAA (T' American Institute o' Aerospace and Astronautics). I o' course now have a sister, which makes this blogs random post generatin' member officially a Lansey. I be needin' t' wish all me buckos a happy and healthy new year, L’Shanah Tova Umetuka.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Dang, Why do I have to sit next to some weirdo?"

British Airways has a great new feature where all passengers enter their weight and then with a lovely GUI (Graphic User Interface) choose their seats accordingly.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eli Isn't Posting Today

For obvious reasons Eli asked someone to fill in for today.
For all those who had not noticed, they had their own table with the number 1.61803. This number does have significance and is known as the Golden Ratio. It is famous for its asthetic qualities.

I will not say how I got a hold of this placecard but I would like to thank my Dad.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sheva Bracha Post

Mazel Tov, Mr. and Mrs. Lansey. To make this more clear than Yoni’s post from this Sunday, Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Eli and Stacy Lansey on their marriage this Sunday. I would also like to wish a Mazel Tov to the whole Mishpacha (including of course myself). There really is not anything I can say about the wedding until we get picture so, I won’t say anything else.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adventures in Zoomorphic Architecture

Meet Lucy, the giant elephant building in Margate NJ, you can find her here. Like any respectable elephant, she has a website too.

Turns out Lucy is quite large, the brochure says 6 stories tall.

Written on the side of her leg* I found a lovely note.

*This note may or may not have actually been found in a shady casino staircase not anywhere near Lucy or her leg.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lansey

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Haven't got the time?

I got this email on a YU spamming mailing list:
The Counseling Center is once again offering a student workshop entitled “Managing your time.” The workshop, led by Dr. Effie Nulman, will take place in the counseling Center (116 Laurel hill Terrace) on Thursday, September 7 from 3:00-3:45 pm.
Refreshments will be served.
Hope to see you then.

Chaim Nissel, PsyD
Director, Yeshiva University Counseling Center
I would go, but I'm too busy and haven't got the time.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Police Problems

For some reason Rutgers University decided to have their involvement fair on Labor Day. The AIAA had a booth at the involvement fair; however the AIAA room was on a locked and alarmed floor (closed due to Labor Day). Unfortunate we could not contact the people in charge of the building, and the deans office informed us that they where not open until the following day. After one and a half hours we decided to call the RUPD, they let us in to get our stuff. After which I drove my father’s car with 4 feet of wing sticking out the back down route 18 to the involvement fair. Then of course after the involvement fair I had to drive the plane back to where our room was, but because it was locked and alarmed by couldn’t go in. in the end we had to leave it another plane in Jimmy’s dorm.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back in the days of paper transactions

I decided to take a photo of my check to the credit card company one day. This check was cashed without a problem. It seems that the date field is not very important considering that it is blank.