Thursday, June 24, 2010

Before and after

The lab I joined about a year ago is growing quite a bit.  Lots of new grad students, researchers, etc.  After a false start or two, the lab finally (thanks to Martin's hard work) underwent renovations.  This is more or less what it looked like before the renovation:
There are a few computers missing, since we put 'em away the week before for a construction false start.  Anyway, the wall on the left side of the lab was being knocked out.  So...

We had to move all our computers and other assorted stuff:

Finally, construction!

This Monday we moved back in!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Think Green

The Marshak science building at CCNY is getting a makeover:
Not quite sure that neon green is a great color for a building, but I suppose it'll be noticed.

Unrelated, the Doghouse Diaries ran a comic strip yesterday which beat me to a post I was going to do:
If, when GChatting me
  1. the responses begin with lowercase letters, then you're chatting with me
  2. the responses begin with uppercase letter, then you're chatting with Stacy on my account
  3. the responses begin with nklsdfnglkj 890890fsghdj ,..d...f.., then you're chatting with one of our cats.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dust Free

As part of my research, I'm going to need to do some work at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN).  Some long-time readers may recall my summer out there 4 years ago (and associated Facebook antics). That summer, I was, ostensibly, working on some particle physics project, although actually I was sitting in an office doing some pointless programming on an ancient Linux machine.  This time, however, I'll be working in the cleanroom at CFN fabricating some devices we've been working on designing for a while.

This past Tuesday we went out there for some safety training in the cleanroom:
It seems that I've inadvertently picked up yet another village idiot costume...