Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The new Googleism, Google Suggest

Back in the day googlism was a site which allowed you to find out what google thinks of you, your friends or anything. Now you can use Google suggest (graduated from Google labs).
Just go to and type in a few words and see what comes up:

It shows what people are searching for, what people are really thinking about in America and the English speaking world!

Starting with politics, this goes to show what everyone already knew, most of what is written is slander, with very little positive!

My favorites in the politics category: Republicans are Happier, democrats are destroying america, obama is god, george bush is an alien.

My favorites in the people category: the pope is the Antichrist, Michael Jackson is still alive, Brittney spears is fat, French people are Italian people in a bad mood.

My favorites in the things category: banks are more dangerous than armies, my apartment is infested with koalas . . .
Apparently a lot of people are wondering: Italy is located where and in what continent. The ones wondering in part of what country Italy is, are in for a surprise. I'm glad though that they are at least trying, perhaps they will learn some geography from Google!

Lastly my it is only appropriate to see that people are searching for "Google is going to take over" the world!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ye Old Blog Post

A while back (have kept managing not to post), me and some friends went to the New York Renaissance Fair. It was tons of fun, I even dressed up.

I borrowed the clothing from a friend (notice the sword).

The friend I borrowed the stuff from and his wife. He made the chain mail himself.

Me with a silly hat on, makes me sort of miss the hair.

We spent a ton of time hanging out with the blacksmiths, the sword type thing was drawn from the same kind of railroad spike being held next to it. Also, it is super bendy.

This is one of the blacksmith apprentices with the BFW (bonus points if you can figure out what it stand for).
Some of the cool things they make.

Whats a day at the Renaissance Fair without a bit of jousting.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Teaneck Ice Caves

A few weeks ago we started getting an impressive buildup of ice in our freezer:

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the mysterious drip in the fridge, below the freezer was also due to creeping ice:

It turns out that although the freezer is "self-defrosting," the place the defrosted frost goes got clogged with too much ice and was thus frozen shut.  Thus, the defrosted frost just hung around in the freezer, building up those cool ice crystals.

Fortunately, we have nice neighbors with a big fridge who let us store stuff while we did a massive defrost operation one Sunday.  After all the ice  finally melted (turned out to be a LOT) we dried the thing out using a custom-built rapid drying rig:

And now all is, more or less, well with the fridge.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I beg to differ

I saw this sign today:

I doubt this Moot Court thing is really more fun than Quantum Physics.  What's strange, though, is that the person who made this sign picked good images, not the first results for "Quantum Physics" on a Google Image Search.  A physics major gone over to the dark side?