Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Trivial Pursuit

Me and notelon play Trivial Pursuit Genus II every Shabbat he comes to my house. As a result we now have an even larger base of totally useless information. Additionally we find ourselves correcting errors on the cards. Over the months we have played I have collected card that where either very wrong or in someway amusing or interesting. I now have 15 Trivial Pursuit cards sitting on my desk waiting to be blogged about. This post will be part one of The Lansey Brothers Blog Very Trivial Pursuit Challenge (LBBVTPC). I will post the questions of amusement or error and you have the opportunity to answer these questions, without the assistance of an online search engine. Next week I will post the real answers and my explanations as to why they where pulled aside. Additionally I will announce the winner of the competition; sorry notelon but you cannot compete due to you being a ringer in this contest.

Categories go as following G: Geography, E: Entertainment, H: History, AL: Arts and Literature, SN: Science and Nature, SL: Sports and Leisure.

1) AL: What did the New York Museum of Modern Art Discover about the Matisse painting Le Bateau after studying it for 47 days?
2) SN: What’s kerosene distilled from?
3) H: Did the Pony Express employ ponies?
4) G: What New York City borough is named for the Delaware Indian word for “a place where we all got drunk”?
5) AL: What’s the better-known name of Robert of Locksley?
6) SL: What game can you “squidge,” “squop” and “pot out” in?
7) G: What language do Walloons speak?
8) AL: What fames English public school in the U.S. Captain Hook’s alma mater?
9) SL: What parts of a deer were Weimaraner dogs trained to attack?
10) E: What did Americans spend 213 billion sedentary hours doing in 1983?
11) H: What did sweet talking Giovanni Vigliotto do 105 times from 1963 to 1983?
12) SN: What onetime astronaut’s middle name is Herschel?
13) SN: What blood-sucking insect, the bane of many a dog’s existence, can live for 25 years and survive starvation for five?

There are a couple of other questions that I have decided to not post now, I will post them next week with my explanations as to why I didn’t post them this weeks. Good luck and remember all the answers should be dated to 1984 when this version of the game was released.


  1. Here's my shot at it:
    1) It was hanging upside-down.
    2) Crude oil?
    3) No (50% shot, why not)
    4) Manhattan
    5) Robin Hood
    6) "Beats the heck out of me" (now available from Parker Brothers)
    7) Welsh
    9) Genitals?
    10) Watching TV
    12) Yankel (Herschel) Goldschmidt
    13) The flea

  2. Why would a Walloonian speak Welsh? Is it because they both begin with "w"?

    Most Walloonians (a region in Belgium) speak German.

  3. My Doppelgänger couldn't be more right. Nor could he be more wrong.

  4. I would like to add one more question.

    On which part of the body, would you find a man's "Mountain of Jupiter" or a woman's "Girdle of Venus"?

  5. I forgot that one, I think I forgot to take that card out.

  6. I think doppelgänger may be a bit negative.

    However, I have high respect for a person who properly uses diacritics. I can only hope that my doppelgänger accuser uses an international keyboard - In which case I would be overwhelmingly impressed.

  7. It's hard to do this with other people's answers posted on the side:)

    1) It was upside down
    2) Alcohol
    3) No. They didn't pay them, so they weren't employed
    4) Manhattan
    5) Blackbeard
    6) Bridge
    7) English -- aren't they New Zeelanders? (Whoops, Eli's right. They're Belgian. But that counts as looking it up, so I won't change it.)
    8) Eton
    9) Legs
    10) Watch television
    11) Propose marriage
    12) John Glenn
    13) Flea

  8. 3) Of course they didn't employ ponies. They used horses. Ponies are small, and it would've taken a very long time to deliver the mail by pony. And Anonymous - "employed" in this context isn't referring to payment.

  9. Here we go:
    1) It was a bit smaller than they thought it was.
    2) Fish guts, Codfish guts.
    3) No, only horses
    4) Did native americans have alchahol? Could they have made kerosine then?
    5) Robin Hood, from Sherwood Forest, which is a real place in Notingham which is also a real place (note: it might not be a real forest)
    6) I belive the game is called Squidgiepoo
    7) Welsh is what they speak in Wales and northern belium, has lots of wierd names to give children in that language.
    8) West Point
    9) The spleen, or left Kidney
    10) Doing their taxes
    11) Drink a slurpee that many times
    12) Neil Hershel Armstrong, little known fact.
    13) The Flea, forgot to mention its many other talents, like the flying trapeez

  10. While we are on the subject of trivia about the pony express, what was the last city/town in the US to have had its mail delivered by pony express? (I always said our vacations were educational.) I will also post the answer next week.