Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wooo! New Jersey

So I'm in London at this Natural History Museum, in the calcite part of the rocks and mineral section. Lo and behold they have some fluorescent rocks from none other than Franklin NJ! That's right, read the label.

This particular piece is called Franklinite, named after the town in which it was discovered and is still the best place to find some. There were like five other rocks on display from Franklin which probably came from the Zinc mine which my Blogging Brothers and I have visited on many occasions:

Full circle now, your looking at the rocks former home. If you want to visit the zinc mine now then you might get lucky if one of my kind friends or relatives will comment its whereabouts.


  1. The specimen they have is actually really nice - most of the ones you see look like boring rocks until you shine UV on them. But that one is nice to look at even without UV.

  2. I would like to point out that Jonathan/Yoni has somehow managed to master time travel, this post was origanly posted due to a magical space time wormhole vortex, at 8:35 AM on Tuesday, April the 10th, which is not only my day to post but also the last day of Pesach. Even more amazing than that, it is a date one month from now. Well done Jonathan/Yoni.