Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mister Mysterious Monocle Man

I am coming back to America for two weeks starting Wednesday! Very exciting, but before I go I want to share a photo I took of of an actual British Librarian from "The British Library" in London, 2006, wearing his fathers suit.

I spoke to the chap and it turns out he's blind in one eye and far sighted in the other so a monocle is the obvious (and incredibly strange) solution.
Note: Before meeting this dude, I had never in my life seen a real live man with a monocle. Has anyone else?


  1. This is justweird

    Hey I have a new idea for a villain. How about Monocle. He would have a monocle, and shoot laser beams, and be evil... and stuff. Well it sounded good on paper."
    "No No it's Perfect. He'll be as famous as Joker one day"

  2. Glasses with plain glass in the blind eye is the way I would have gone with this.

    fgvpt. whoops. that was the word verification.

  3. I have, once, a gent pulling into a petrol station.

    Oh, and I wear one. Though I've only been wearing pince nez (templeless, like FDR) since my prescription changed. I haven't gotten a new lense for the monocle yet.

  4. Well, gentlemen, I am flattered by the attention and indeed the photograph. I had no idea it would be plastered all over the world. A researcher in the Library brought it to my attention. Oh on the subject of a "villain" my son was rather impressed and being a Star Wars fan, came up with Darth Monocle! What do you think? Yours truly, "The Dude" Librarian (aka Brian de Bois Guilbert)