Sunday, June 23, 2019

Meeting Richard Stallman

I ran into Richard Stallman recently, the founder of the GNU Project! We were attending a future of transportation public meeting and he was advocating for transportation free from tracking by government / corporations. I asked him for a photo and he said it would be OK as long as I turned off the location settings so the image of him wouldn't be tracked. So I turned off location settings and put the phone in airplane mode too. Richard Stallman closed his eyes so that they couldn't scan his retina - or he blinked, not sure.

Anyway, Google was way too smart - and when I looked up the photo I noticed that it had "estimated" the location to be exactly where it was taken. So I manually changed the location to the city where I live ... according to my facebook ... the lovely island of St. Helena. The person blocked out in "people" is me (unlabeled) and not Richard - which is a good sign tracking-wise.

Below is the little manifesto that he was handing out, I have huge respect for the man and what he is working towards.