Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's inside a Box O' Joe? Project

Some time ago we had a leftover Dunkin' Donuts "Box O' Joe." None of us here drinks coffee, and certainly not in "Box O'" quantities. So, rather than just throwing out the thing, I decided to begin a:

What's Inside a Box O' Joe Project!
The first thing to do was to open the Box:
You'll note that I basically reversed the numbered and illustrated instructions designed for the Dunkin' Donuts employee to follow.

Upon opening the box, I discovered a Mylar bag, which can only be described as a "Sack O' Joe":
The reflective Mylar insulates the Joe from radiative heat loss, and the air inside the Box and within the cardboard walls of the Box insulates the Joe from conductive heat loss.

Before continuing my dissection, I drained the sack to minimize the likelihood of having a Lap O' Joe. I then found that I could peel back the Mylar from an internal plastic Sack:
which holds the actual Joe. I refilled the innermost sack with Joe just to see what it looks like full:

So, there you have it. What's Inside a Box O' Joe!

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  1. Have you ever given Chanan coffee? How do you know he doesn't drink it?