Thursday, February 02, 2012

A small correction

Last week I spoke at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA.

So, you know what that means, right? Yup! More vacation pictures! Except, that I spent my time at the convention center, so these pictures are mostly the view from the hotel room:

One afternoon, though, I was able to make the pilgrimage to the Exploratorium, which I think may be the best science museum I've ever seen.
I remembered a few exhibits from when they brought them to the Museum of Natural History in NYC six years ago, and they are still great. And, I saw only a tiny fraction of their exhibits in the short time we were at their actual location. I hope they don't ruin things when they move to their new building...

Finally, at Photonics West there was a trade show, with all sorts of freebies (well, mostly tote bags, but the occasional pen or kite). I picked up this bag from CVI Melles Griot, but I felt the need to correct their equations:


  1. Just because Griffiths uses weird units doesn't make the normal ones wrong. It's only a scaling factor in any case.

    And how did you actually get the corrections printed on the bag?

    1. I know it's not really wrong, but still, Gaussian units are still better.

      I didn't get the corrections printed, I used a white-out pen to write 'em in myself.