Tuesday, March 20, 2007

An Even More Trivial Pursuit

Last week I asked some question, this week I will answer the questions and due to the popularity of my last post I will ask you some more questions. 1) It was hanging upside down, 2) The answer to this question is in fact crude oil, the answer they gave was coal and while kerosene can be distilled from coal it is very inefficient and no one actually does. 3) No, they employed horses (in a manner of speaking), 4) Manhattan, me and notelon found this quite amusing, 5) Robin Hood, 6) Tiddlywinks, 7) The Walloons speak French, we found it very funny that anyone would be called a Walloon, 8) Eton, 9) the genitalia, we found this one to be very disturbing. 10) Watching TV, giving the national population in 1983 of 233,791,994 people this means that on average each person watched 2.5 hours of television a day every day all year. 11) He got married, he was a con artist he would marry women steal all their stuff, 12) The tick.

Now for the next challenge,
1) SN: what does the typical man cut 94 miles of in his lifetime?
2) SL: What playing card’s depicted on a Trivial Pursuit game board?
3) H: What was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to declare war on Nazi Germany?
4) AL: What’s the better-know identities of War, Strife, Famine and Pestilence, appearing in the Book of Revelations?
5) G: What’s the speed limit on the Alaskan Highway?
6) SN: What was the eight day following the Nones in each month of the Roman calendar called?
7) H: How many bottles of wine were prisoners in the Bastille allowed per day?
8) SL: What kind of utensil is most often used in dining on squirrel heads?
9) AL: What’s the plural of “moose”?
10) SN: Do elephants have incisor?
11) SN: What three-dimensional figure’s volume would you find by multiplying four-thirds by pi by its radius cubed?
12) How many Earp brothers shoed up at the O.K. Corral?

Hint for number 12, here is a picture of the O.K. Corral, you might notice something interesting.

And now for a bit of fun.


  1. 1) Hair
    2) Ace of spades
    3) Belgium?
    4) Four Horsemen of the apocalypse
    5) There is none.

    7) One.
    8) I don't know, but, um, was someone on crack when they asked this?
    9) "Moose" is the plural and the singular.
    10) Yes, it's called their tusks.
    11) A sphere.

  2. Wait - which astronaut is Herschel?

    1) Facial hair
    2) No clue.
    3) USA
    4) The four horsemen of the apocalypse (thanks Good Omens!)
    5) 35 mph
    6) Thursday
    7) Two
    8) Spoon
    9) Meese (I couldn't help myself!)
    10) Yes.
    11) Sphere!
    12) 4

  3. I am sorry 12) John Herschel Glenn, and 13) The tick. Sorry about that.

  4. Eli, incidentally, Thief of Time accurately lists the names of the four guys in question 4, and Trivial Pursuit does not.

  5. Aryeh all the Earps Brothers wore shoes, and you didn't give the answer to the "Mountains of Jupiter" question.

  6. I apologize notelon, I was going to post it as a question this week but forgot. I will get it asked eventualy.

  7. #7 conjures up images of "hau-hau-hau"-ing French prisoners. Thank you for that.

  8. Lump why did you post question 11? I believe you got that right enen before I finished asking it. And I don't think there's one reader who couldn't answer it in their sleep. You may have well asked the plumpricot K'layim question.