Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An End to Trivial Pursuits

I will of course start by answering the questions from last week.
1) whiskers, 2) We found this very stupid because all you had to do was look down to solve it, The Jack of Clubs, 3) Canada, that’s right Canada, 4) They are in theory the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, however Strife is not in fact a Horseman the correct Horseman are War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence this is funny because this clearly states that this is talked about in the book of Revelations, however only death is actually mentioned in the bible (even though the King James Version Revelations does mention the Four Horseman what they carry and what the color of the horse is) . 5) 50 miles an hour, wow real fast, 6) The Ides, beware the Ides of March, 7) Three, that’s a lot of a wine a day, of course don’t forget the great Bastille breakout during the French Revolution, after breaking into the Bastille they broke out an amazing seven inmates: four counterfeiters, two madmen, and a young aristocrat who had displeased his father, job well done. 8) A spoon, this was rather odd we were not aware that you had to use a specific utensil to eat squirrel heads, 9) Regardless of the fact that it should clearly be “Meese” it unfortunately remains moose, 10) Elephants do have incisors they are in fact called tusks, Trivial Pursuit however is of the opinion that they don’t. 11) What kind of stupid question is that is obviously a Pitronicon, 12) There were three Earp brothers and a Lump.

To finish all this Trivial Pursuits I will post the last 2 questions that I forgot to ask previously.
1) How many great nephews of Edgar Allan Poe played for the 1899 Princeton football team?
2) On what part of the body, would you find a man's "Mountain of Jupiter" or a woman's "Girdle of Venus"?

The 1899 football team


  1. The picture from this week and pictures from last week are not working.

  2. 98 men died to free those seven. You make their sacrifice in vain.

    You stupid Englishmen. You know nothing.