Thursday, March 08, 2007

Post-Purim Party Post

Purim was Sunday.
Last week you saw the many boxes of lasagna. Here they are almost done being made into lasagnas:
It turns out, we made around 3 times more lasagna than we actually needed. This was a slight problem, as we only have one oven, and things were perpetually not ready on time. Oh well - live and learn. We also made vast quantities of fish, which eventually got fully cooked:
As an added bonus, along with the fish, you see Stacy in her special Purim Shaitel!
Aryeh came for Shabbas to help out:
And this is not Elon:

Here you can see me in my Purim costume, ready to take out the garbage.
In order take it out, I needed to go past the doorman in our building - and I did that in costume, with notElon (in lab coat, goggles and a maniacal grin) following along. The doorman didn't so much as blink. Very unfortunate. And we didn't pass anyone else along the way, either. Oh well - better luck next Purim, I suppose!


  1. One of our friends suggested I go as Joseph Stalin next Purim. I can't imagine why.

  2. i thought you were joking on how much food you made wow you should have left it on the hefker counter top in yu i.e. garbage can

  3. that picture of aryeh with the knife is going to give me nightmares...