Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things not within Biking distance of Newark and a Neat Effect

This is a good example of the "ringed glints" caused by blades of grass and spiderwebs. A very similar looking effect working by the same principle can be seen the following way: Sit behind someone driving in a car at night. Look at some light (headlight, taillight, traffic light . . .) through that persons hair (this works best with long haired front seat passenger/drivers). All the little bits of hair curves that are oriented properly will have great reflections, normally full circle like, probably better with curlyish hair. Someone out there should take a picture of this and send it to me (would be apreciated).
The full size picture:

I did ask these guy's permission to take a picture first.

You may be wondering how I was so lucky to get all these pictures in before the sun set. Well the sun never properly rises in winter here so pretty much it take a few long hours to set - which is nice.

Something remotely similar to the following might have been within biking distance of Newark but I still really like this picture cuz of the car shadows so I decided to put it in. Technically in NJ the odds of me coming to this scene with the sun at this angle are so low (unlike in England that I'm alright keeping this posts title).

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