Sunday, March 04, 2007


While observing stonhenge I couldn't help but feel sad for the British folk, this pile of rocks is their greatest ancient landmark. See around the same time that Stonhenge was built the Egyptians were building the great Pyramids. At stonehenge they made a big deal that the big rock were dragged from somwhere very far away . . . in order to stick them on top of one another in a big circle. I felt like patting the ancients on the back and saying, great job guys, you invented the Post and Beam, thats bloody brilliant.


  1. You saw Stonehenge!!! YUEP!!! Great picture.

  2. Other sad things places are famous for:

    On the Idaho license plate: Famous potatoes

    Sign upon entering Piscataway: Welcome to Piscataway, a clean community

    Happy Purim everybody!

  3. Stonehenge, World's first Eruv?