Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's Inside an Ancient Television

Some time ago my Grandmother moved out of her old house and her old TV fell into my hands. This TV was the source of many memories sitting downstairs with my brothers watching something while the adults upstairs talked endlessly. My grandparents had bought this TV around 35 years ago. If you know your history this was withing a couple of years of color TV becoming the standard which means this is one of the oldest models. In comparison to modern TVs this one had terrible image quality and was just plain old. So before we got rid of it I decided to take the back off of my childhood memories... which naturally led to the:

Whats inside an old television project!

With the exception of the cathode ray tube a some resistors and capacitors I really have no idea what most of this components do.

To change the channels on this TV there was a knob (no remote) and it would go clunk. The power button also went clunk.


  1. I remember those "clunks." Very satisfying. The newfangled models are severely lacking in that department.

  2. and its in a wooden case - wow! no plastic! maybe thats why its lasted 35 years.