Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Things Change

Five years!!! When we started this blog I was a freshman engineering student. Yoni and Eli were also both still undergraduates. Now I have a Bachelors degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering and am now in graduate school for mechanical and aerospace engineering.  Yoni not only completed his math degree but went on to get a Masters in cognitive and neural systems and is now gainfully employed.  Eli has his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics and is now a Ph.D. candidate in that field.
I am going to try and show a photo journey of the three (with an addition of two as time passed) of us. Although our blog began in 2005 no photos of us found their way into a post until early 2006, here is us in 2006.

This is of course from our centennial post.
 The roasting of the egg for Pesach, complete with safety goggles and safety glasses.

Happy 80th Birthday to Eli and Stacy.
How thing already begin to change!  Not only had one year passed in our journey, but this year marks the addition of Stacy to both our family and our blog.  Now we enter 2007 -- an action packed year.

Yoni took Europe by storm.

Eli the very proud recipient of a degree in physics.
Following his European jaunt, Yoni decided that coming home was not yet an option, so he went to California.

I meanwhile decided to meet an Apollo Astronaut, a man who walked on the surface of the moon!!!

And once again we see ourselves with one more year passing.  What will happen next year on the Lansey Brothers' Blog?  Well if you can't remember let me show you. 2008 here we come.

My metamorphosis has begun.  At the beginning of my Junior year in college I decided to stop shaving and getting my hair cut, this is me in an early stage of growth.  Plus airplanes are cool

Yoni the resident explorer spent the summer in Israel and decided to take a quick jaunt into Egypt.

Eli and Stacy moved from the city, and my hair grew longer.

Welcome to the family Moshe.

So ends 2008 with the addition of a little Lansey.  My doesn't time fly -- before you know it 2009 will be upon us.

Here is Eli with some stubble and his safety glasses.  Stay safe.

Moshe at one year.

This is, of course, me, right before I cut my hair after two years of not cutting it.

Believe it or not, I could not find one picture of Yoni (who moved to Boston) on the blog from 2009 or 2010.  However, I have a picture never before seen on the blog with him in it saved for the climax.  Well goodbye 2009 and hello 2010.

Graduation WOOOO!!!! After around one month of being clean shaven I decided to grow my beard back, I just keep it trimmed this time.

Eli only wears this now and he does so all the time.  Too many dirty diapers I guess.

So ends our journey so far of the Lansey Brothers on this blog, but as I promised an up to date photo of all of us.  These photos are from the Moot and they was taken the last time all of us were together (+ extra cousins!).

Thank you to all our readers be it from the beginning or from today, enjoy and here is to another 5 years.  And because it wouldn't be a Lansey Brothers' blog post without a silly ending...


  1. wow, excellent foto-finding mission the lump!

  2. For an even earlier view of the Lansey brothers, check out the photos on the wall behind them in the last two pictures.

  3. oh look, i found myself in a lansey brothers' anniversary post! in honor of such circumstances i actually clicked on the blog link from buzz to post.