Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 years of blogging stats

It's time for everyone's favorite thing: Statistics!!!

Two years ago, on Yoni's Funny Church post, our dad commented that he thought it was the first time there "were two consecutive postings by Yoni/Jonathan without either other brother posting in between."  At that time, I quickly cobbled together a poorly-written Mathematica program to check that, and discovered that it was the third time it happened.  In honor of the 5 year blogoversary, however I've got a bit over the top.

Firstly, there were 627 posts over the course of the five years, giving an average of 125.4 per year, or 2.4 per week.  This is how they break down by day of the week:
And by time of day:
It's weird that over the 5 years we've been blogging, we've never posted during the 4AM (Eastern) time slot.  Also, since we officially post on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, that first chart is not surprising. The posts on the off-days are probably late or early posts and guest posts.

You'll notice, though, that the Thursday bar is significantly higher than the others.  This is why:
So it seems Yoni posts early almost as often as he posts late, whereas Aryeh generally just posts late, and less often. And I was surprised to see that Stacy posted 13 times -- I would have guessed.

But, back to that original question: What about consecutive posts? Well, here's 4 charts, one per blogger (click to embiggen). Each one shows the number of posts by other people between two consecutive posts by each blogger.
You'll see that I posted consecutively 37 times, Jonathan/Yoni 8 times, Aryeh 2 times.  You also see that we generally follow the scheduled "2 posts between consecutive posts" pattern.

A lot of our posts have pictures in them:
The winner, by far, with 29 pictures, is Jonathan/Yoni's post: Bauhaus, International Style in Tel Aviv
Tied for second place, with 16 pictures, is my Give me a lever and a place to stand and Yoni's Tons of Egypt Pictures, Cairo Alexandria
In a close third, with 15 pictures, is Aryeh's post: Full of Hot Air
It's interesting that we have more posts with one picture than with no pictures.

We also get comments:
The post with the most comments, at 16, is my post: Where's the one?!?
Tied for second place, with 14 comments are two of my posts: The sad state of science education and Don't ask
Finally, in third place, with 13 comments is Aryeh's Puzzling Puzzles
Yoni and Stacy tie for fourth place with 12 comments each: Fun with Matlab, why (Yoni) and The first Lansey Brothers' Blog contest! (Stacy)

Finally, here's a video of the "time of day we post" histogram, developing over five years of blogging.
Let's do this again in 5 years...
Also, if there are any other statistics you want me to check, let me know in the comments. If I can run 'em, I'll post 'em.


  1. We need a statistic about the number of statistics posts.

    Also, you mother wrote a post about Mr. Toad the Carambola, using someone else's account, so the chart is slightly off.

  2. You're right [link] - subtract one from me. But you also guest posted once [link], so subtract one from Aryeh, as well.

  3. Technically- the top three posts are tied for first place in # of comments. See two of the comments out of the 16 were about the fact there were a lot of comments, thats totally cheating!
    Anyway, awesome, and cool how the lanseybrothers start posting at more normal hours as we get older.

  4. Meta comments are comments, too!

    Also, a note: For some reason the sound is gone on the 380p version of the video. Click 480p for the music.