Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Blast from the Past

I'm going to start with a great early post from Aryeh, one of the very first posts on the blog. In his distinctive early style the title of his post is
After a short explanation of the title he discussed some hilarious graphitti in his physics class, and in the bathroom. That makes this the very first of our prolific Restrooms label, (although awarded the restroom tag post-post, when the tag was created).

The restroom saga formally began with Aryeh's Great Urinal Hunt with such quotes as:

... walked around the Rutgers campus with a hidden camera ... Now we shall embark on the great urban safari, soon we shall see some urinals in their native habitats.
Creepily ... these words got us a huge large number of hits from people searching for "urinal camera"
Then in Eli's followup post:

...urinalas scaphium, which can be found in the Yeshiva University's Pollack Library

One of my favorite posts from the past has to be Eli's timely modeling of the number of cars burnt in France over time, back in 2005. Turns out its a nice exponential decay! I wonder what the burning car functions look like today?

Also funny is Eli's antics back when he lived in the YU dorm.

Unrelated to anything, is the great but underpopulated tag, "photos with celebrities". It holds exactly what you would expect us to have on the blog: scientists, astronauts .... and our own celebrity Eli, as he appeared on google

I will now mention my own obsessive cataloging of no-hot ashes warnings on Garbage cans across the world from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and of course the US. I have also made a few other worldwide samplings, the fanciness of garbage cans in 2007 for example.

And my first summer of adventure blogging - in California. Where I started doing things with the blog in mind thinking "wow this will make a great blog post." Every blogger has thought this as some point leading to the existential question - why are we really doing it?

There is a wonderful xkcd on this topic which I share below:
(Thanks Eli for finding it).

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