Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unofficial Official Intro Post

What? A Blog of course.

Who? The three Lansey brothers: Eli, Yoni/Jonathan and Aryeh.

Why? Because lots of interesting stuff goes on around us, often unnoticed. We'd like to share it with the world.

Where? In collections of oriented magnetic regions on metal plates, which can be accessed at:

When? Yoni/Jonathan on Sundays, Aryeh on Tuesdays and Eli on Thursdays (in height order). That's 3 times a week, so you can come back every other day for something new and potentially exciting.

In convenient table form:
Sundays: Yoni/Jonathan
Tuesdays: Aryeh
Thursdays: Eli


  1. Your use of the Soskin 1909 photo of Tel Aviv Founding is a violation of the Copyright of the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv / Pls remove it.

  2. Anonymous,
    Actually, the use of the picture of Tel Aviv Founding (on this post: is not in violation of any copyright.
    It is hosted on Wikimedia Commons here, and, as they note there, "is in the public domain because the Israeli Copyright law of 1911 section 21, (essentially the United Kingdom Copyright Act of 1911 as it was applied to the former British Mandate of Palestine), as amended to August 2005, specifies that:
    1. Photographs become public domain 50 years after the « making of the negative ». (See Category:PD Israel & British Mandate for details).
    2. Photographs taken by a public authority become public domain 50 years after the date of publication. (See Licensing, Israel for details)."

  3. Just a gratuitous comment about apostrophe abuse in headergammar.png. Apostrophe is correct in blog title, so not sure whether image text just a honey trap for Type A people like myself...

    1. We know about it, and it was correct in one version of the header. Not sure why we never got around to fixing it...

    2. yeah this was my bad, its been years though, lol. We are probably due for an updated picture.
      You are the first to comment on it though so ... you win an award I think.