Saturday, July 26, 2008

Urinals and Restrooms of the World

We at the Lanseybrothers blog absolutely love restrooms, we just can't talk enough about them. It began two years ago with a simple attempt by Aryeh to explain the concept of a urinal to a our mother. The same week that Aryeh went public about his "Great Urinal Hunt" (which was more of a safari) Eli began to scientifically classify them with more discussion of phylogenies in "Further Studies of the American Urinal." We then expanded the restroom tag with the South American Mysterious Bathroom Implement, urinal placement, strange flushing mechanisms, fixing toilets, and even restroom graphitti.
I would like to continue the tradition now with my research. Not surprisingly I specialize in foreign urinals and restrooms.
We see here the modern French urinal (galoas urinalas)

It is quite different from the common americanas urinalas but rather similar to dominant English urinals (Brittanius urinalas).

Perhaps the taller French version evloved to accommodate lesser aiming ability or possibly just larger variation in heights.

I spotted this rare and old breed of urinals in the basement of an English university building. It belongs to the water closet family of the porcelainas kingdom known as (aquas super.) They are charachterised by the water tank being raised high above the bowl level.

This species, and the whole family of aquas super are almost extinct in America, England and most of Europe but still thriving quite nicely in some other countries; notably Egypt.

More interesting though is the phenotypical differences in the bowl. Observe the small spout of water, controlled by the faucet on the left side of the toliet (or the side of your right hand if you are sitting). This is indeed for wiping . . .
Notice the non-working version of what looks awfully similar to a toilet paper roll holder. I think it is actually a precurser for the more evolved version with toilet paper and no spouty thing.

I'm not sure what to call this species with the spout, please comment if you have any ideas.

Also, I have a graphic photo, of a toilet that is basically a hole in a tiled floor, with no seat to speak of. I would say its too graphic for this blog though I will email the photo to anyone upon request.


  1. Oh Eli, speaking of repeated posts, I found another Walk Sign giving mixed messages right here in Houston. I tried taking a picture, but the lighting is bad, due to a combination of very bright sun and abundant shade trees. I'll see if I can work something out.

  2. It's interesting that the French urinals seem to have weaker flushing power than their relatives in other countries.
    Additionally, I wonder if the urinales waterless are evolved/genetically engineered from the dominant English urinals.
    Additionally, I believe that the urinal you found in the basement of a university building, is from the incredibly (and increasingly) rare "pee-wall" (urinalas vulgaris) family. But the particular specimen you spotted sports a spectacular privacy barrier - a trait that is not so common even among more common urinalas species! Truly a special find.
    And regarding the spout species, I suggest one of two options:
    1) urinalas jonathan/yoni, after its discoverer, or,
    2) urinalas drinkum

    And the hole in the floor - I believe it is the common ancestor of all modern porcelainas species, as well as related wood and plastic species. Perhaps someone has a picture of the Kunatah latrines to add to our discussion?

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  4. i don't know whats worse- having a urinal named after me, or just the name urinalas drinkum