Monday, July 14, 2008

The West Bank

Breaking News!
The Lansey Brother's Mom (Lill) has gotten inspired to make a blog of her very own, as of the first two posts it remains highly reccomended by at least this Lansey brother; its so far enterntaining and especially usefull for keeping up with the parental units:

Here is a very telling Map from wikipedia

In case you can't tell, this is a map of all the provinces in the Arab League. Notice that Israel is not among them . . . its the little white dot you need the full version of the picture so see clearly.

Anyway: This Shabbat I went to my friend Sammy from home who lives in Mitzpe Yericho which is right outside Jerusalem. It was great because Etan was also there visiting his cousins.

Its right outside of Jerusalem, but they still have relatively tight security on the perimiter.

Friday afternoon Sammy showed me a neat spring and canyon, thats where this picture is from.

Part of the trail went under the bushes as you can see here.

What do you think this skull is from? Sammy found it a while back. We think its probably from a camel but don't have any evidence that it isn't of extra-terrestrial origin.

This is the view from Sammy's front yard.

This is the sort of newish highway going from Jerusalem to the cities west of Jerusalem.


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  3. About the map - it's a very good map to show the group of countries that, in some official capacity, tend to align themselves against Israel. But it's useful only to a point.


    It's absurd to make the "look at all of the land the Arabs have, and this is all we want" argument, as it works with a ridiculously faulty premise that there's this unified, monolithic group called "the Arabs." True, they look that way when they align against Israel, but otherwise, they're very different. Ask anyone who's visited the UAE, Qatar, and Jordan to tell you that "they're all just Arabs." Not the case, any more than you are like a Southern Baptist from the Deep South of the U.S. or an ivory-tower liberal languishing in a West Coast university.

    Besides, are we really that worried about Djibouti or Bahrain? Iran, which, as a non-Arab, though Muslim country, is NOT part of the Arab League, scares me far more.


  4. Yeah, it's pretty hard to be scared of a country called "Djibouti"

  5. The skull is from a horse

  6. the skull is from a horse