Monday, July 21, 2008

Wikimania 2008 and the Pyramids

Wikimania this year was in The Library of Alexandria Egypt. Thats pretty close to Israel so we figured we would just skip over there and join in (about a 12 hour journey).

From left to right, Dror, Jordan, Joel and Me.

Jordan and Joel paying close attention.

Pretty self explanatory.

Some guy there sold us the pyramids for 5 Egyptian Pounds so Jordan and I attempted to take it with us.


  1. Actually, that 4th picture from the top is not really self explanatory. Is that a camel a Dromedary or a Bactrian?

  2. You didn't die.
    Always good news.

  3. So you almost, maybe, perhaps, sort of, in a circuitous, often round about, nonchalant way
    made it to Egypt ...
    I am so jealous!!

    -- Etan