Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yet Another Shooting Trip

Well yet again I have gone shooting, so for those of you totally not interested I will start with baby chickens. My friend Jimmy's family bought a farm recently, and on this farm they decided to raise egg chickens, so they bought chickens. Now you don't by big chickens you buy baby chickens, and where do you put the baby chickens until they go to the hen house, thats right your bathtub.

27 baby chickens!!!

Now to the shooting.
Shooting the Desert Eagle .44

Shooting the Galil, which is an Israeli made modification of the AK-47

STG-58 .308 caliber to give you and idea of the size the next picture compares an AK-47 7.62 39 round with what I was shooting out of this(the AK round is on the left)
Me in the middle of working the lever on this lever action rifle, this was such a fun gun to shoot.Shooting the Smith and Weston .38 special revolver.
This is the target I shot the handguns at, notice I circled two shots these where from the revolver if you didn't pull back on the hammer before you shoot you shoot low. These two shots where aimed at the head, right where the other four rounds i shot from this gun went these ended up in the gut. Also, one shot is just off the neck and one shot is just clipping the top of the head, these two where shot from the Walther PPK this is the Bond gun, its small but it kicks and theses two misses are the result.


  1. Dweeeeeeee!!!!! The chicks, not the shooting. Why so many pictures of shooting and so few of the dwee chickens?

  2. Don't tell me, you boys were homeschooled.

  3. a very unfortunate juxtoposition of cute chickens and shooting guns. like I'm very worried about what the next blog post may bring . . . I hope these two themes stay very separated . . .

  4. What!!! we saw the chickens and went shooting on the same day, I had to entertain those who where not intrested in shootings. While my my mother would tell you that we where home schooled up to high school (and while technicaly this is true) we where all enrolled in real schools. What I forgot to put at the end of the post is NO CHICKENS WHERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS POST

  5. see, thanks for that informative disclaimer, as my first reaction was, 'they START with the baby chickens? but surely those aren't REAL chickens...'