Thursday, June 12, 2008

It depends on the question

I've noticed a lot of bumper stickers recently which state "War is not the answer." The thing is, it depends on the question. For example:
  • Fill in the blank: Leo Tolstoys ____ and Peace
  • What word do you get when you remove the 't' from the end of wart?
  • What is raw spelled backwards?
  • World ___ I and World ___ II were large international military conflicts
Any other questions where war is the answer?


  1. Here's a Jeopardy type "question".

    A luck based card game, where cards are sequentially overturned and high beats low. In case of a tie, players battle it out, often shouting the game name as they do so.

    The answer is "What is war?"

  2. Isn't that a description of a relationship one has with their mother-in-law.

  3. -What word is someone with a speach impediment say when he says "Waw"

    -What do you get when you squeeze two violent tribes into one spot of land.

    -What is Napolean great at starting.