Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cool shades

I am using lasers in the lab I'm working in at Unilever this summer. To protect my eyes, I need to wear these stylin' glasses:
This is how things look in blue:
Any guess what color laser I'm working with?


  1. The primary chemical in most Techeilet candidates and also kela ilan absorbs at 613 nm or thereabouts. (Guess how I remember that)

    Your goggles are about the same color, so presumably the laser is a similar wavelength. It would appear reddish.

  2. The laser is 633 nm, so you're pretty darn close, notElon.
    The glasses (basically) only let in blue and yellow light.

  3. Could have been even closer if I took the next logical step of assuming you had the most common laser falling in the estimated wavelength range, the HeNe laser. That would have nailed it exactly.

  4. is it just me or are you wearing your glasses + side sheilds under your laser goggles . . . sweet

  5. Indeed, I am wearing my glasses + side shields underneath the laser glasses. Those are the lab safety rules.

  6. Ok, I looked more closely and saw the greenish stuff in the picture so yellow is getting through so yup I should have guessed red.