Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bell Tower

I'm still in Israel- but I thought I'd squeeze this post out anyway (from an adventure in Manhattan).

I was once walking along and I saw a huge skycraper- the tallest around, with not a single window across the entire building! This was a bit unreal to me- I'd never seen anything like it before so I asked the people smoking below the building what it was.
Its an AT&T building that they house switches in- so there arent' that many people so who needs the extra expense/hassle that is windows!

ense Interestingly enough, I also asked the people smoking below why there were no windows to which this guy responded "light attracts dust."
In fact he had an entire psuedoscientific thoery about this which included him confidently emphasising a few clever peices of evidence:
  • Sunlight pouring in through a window always has visible dust particles swimming around in it
  • When shining a flashlight at night you also always see dust "attracted" to the beam
He concluded from this that the light actually attracts the dust and somehow extended this to the light actually creating dust. Since dust is bad for electrical equipment like the lasers this guy works with- they built the building with no windows. I find it interesting how this guy thinks!


  1. Do you know what those people were smoking? It may go a long way towards explaining their lack of grasps on reality.

  2. Well maybe he just believes in spontaneous generation to a very high degree.