Friday, June 27, 2008

Three Dryers

We are now the proud owners of not one, not two, but three electric clothes dryers! Why, you may ask, do we need such a plethora of electric clothes drying devices? Well, that's fairly lengthy story, but I'll tell the abbreviated version:Stacy and I have bought a house. In Teaneck. Yes, we know it's lame and pretty cliché to move to Teaneck, however, it makes sense for a number of reasons which I will not enumerate here.
In any case, the house we purchased came with some vintage appliances. These include:
  • A working, circa-1950 washing machine, which, although large on the outside, can fit approximately 4.5 shirts inside, and (considering that EnergyStar wasn't even a glimmer in some bureaucrat's eye at the time) likely drains the municipal water supply on each cycle. [If you know of any vintage appliance collectors, have 'em contact me.]
  • A twenty year-old fridge which the sellers attempted to bargian with, but, after we called their bluff, decided to leave anyway.
  • Some ancient window and wall air conditioning units which actually ate their dust filters decades ago (the window ones were also attempted bargaining chips).
  • And, Dryer #1. Also circa-1950s, we think, also working. Electric dryers, even today's EnergyStar versions, are notorious for high costs of operation. I can't imagine what it costs to run this old, worn out dryer.
So, we figured we needed a new dryer. Rather than pay full-price, we made use of a community message board. We responded to an offer for a "Free Electric Dryer!," but, alas, someone beat us to it, and we promptly forgot about it. We later purchased, for real cheap, Dryer #2: a 6 year-old model, whose sellers kindly agreed to let us pick up after we closed on the house.
A few days later we got a response from the free dryer lady informing us that the person who had first dibs on her dryer flaked out, so it was ours for the taking - so there's Dryer #3: a 20 or 30 (or so?) year old model.
Aryeh drove up to Teaneck this past Sunday to help collect the new dryers.
We need to replace the washing machine, too, so if you have any suggestions (or donations...), we'd appreciate it. And you can contact me for our new address.

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  1. I'm glad to see that you have moved in to your new house and are ready to start a lovely family . . . of electric clothes dryers!