Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ye Old Blog Post

A while back (have kept managing not to post), me and some friends went to the New York Renaissance Fair. It was tons of fun, I even dressed up.

I borrowed the clothing from a friend (notice the sword).

The friend I borrowed the stuff from and his wife. He made the chain mail himself.

Me with a silly hat on, makes me sort of miss the hair.

We spent a ton of time hanging out with the blacksmiths, the sword type thing was drawn from the same kind of railroad spike being held next to it. Also, it is super bendy.

This is one of the blacksmith apprentices with the BFW (bonus points if you can figure out what it stand for).
Some of the cool things they make.

Whats a day at the Renaissance Fair without a bit of jousting.


  1. Big f'in wrench.
    And you broke my 5 week uninterrupted posting run!

  2. Um Lump are you wearing a dress?

  3. I think the BFW looks rather out of place in that scabbard. And Stacy, it's probably a toga or something. People used to dress in weird clothes.

  4. Actually, looks like it needs tzitzit...