Thursday, June 17, 2010

Think Green

The Marshak science building at CCNY is getting a makeover:
Not quite sure that neon green is a great color for a building, but I suppose it'll be noticed.

Unrelated, the Doghouse Diaries ran a comic strip yesterday which beat me to a post I was going to do:
If, when GChatting me
  1. the responses begin with lowercase letters, then you're chatting with me
  2. the responses begin with uppercase letter, then you're chatting with Stacy on my account
  3. the responses begin with nklsdfnglkj 890890fsghdj ,..d...f.., then you're chatting with one of our cats.


  1. How about when Moshe is chatting with us?

  2. At the moment, we try to avoid letting him type for real on the computer... but I suspect it would wind up either looking like KittyType or like "System Deleted."