Monday, September 25, 2006


Hello all you Lansey Blog friends, I am back for my second post!!
My new husband and I have a difference in religious belief. I believe in divine providence and he doesn't. Usually I feel that this works to my advantage, seeing the revealed hand of God doing kindness for me every day! However, since we have gotten married and I have moved to Washington Heights, this belief in divine providence has had an unforeseen ramification. You see, more recently my relationship with God seems to depend on my parking spot.
I can already see the Washington Heights residents nodding and smiling because they are familiar with this phenomenon, but let me explain for the non residents. Basically, parking in the heights is very fickle. One day you will show up at 7pm and there is an awesome parking spot in front of your building and the next day (Which incidentally sometimes turns out to be a day you need to get home super quick) you will show up at 7 and you will drive around for a half an hour and have to park several blocks away and then in a spot in front of a school where you have to get up extra early to move your car by 7am so you are not blocking the school you are parking in front of.
Now I KNOW you have to be thankful for what you have, but God is omnipotent and I personally think that the Creator of the universe that hooked me up with the super cool apartment can also find me a parking spot every night at my desired time and location. Right?


  1. Three paragraphs! On afast day! In the heat of the afternoon! With nobody even expecting a post!

    That's Dedication
    For me, however, the food comes first.

  2. God is omnipotent, but you can't actually expect Him to be able to find you a space in the Heights. That's unreasonable. Can God create a parking space so heavy that he can't lift it? What's the sound of one car parking? Answer me that, missy!

  3. I do, in fact, believe in divine providence. I just don't think He typically manifests Himself via parking spaces - especially in Washinton Heights (notice the lack of free parking garages). But if you're willing to parallel park the car every night - keep the faith!!!

  4. I believe it was Eli who found you that super-cool apartment