Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Police Problems

For some reason Rutgers University decided to have their involvement fair on Labor Day. The AIAA had a booth at the involvement fair; however the AIAA room was on a locked and alarmed floor (closed due to Labor Day). Unfortunate we could not contact the people in charge of the building, and the deans office informed us that they where not open until the following day. After one and a half hours we decided to call the RUPD, they let us in to get our stuff. After which I drove my father’s car with 4 feet of wing sticking out the back down route 18 to the involvement fair. Then of course after the involvement fair I had to drive the plane back to where our room was, but because it was locked and alarmed by couldn’t go in. in the end we had to leave it another plane in Jimmy’s dorm.


  1. Aryeh, it's nice that you decided to be proactive and post in advance for an entire week, saving your bothers the trouble I guess. But did you have to give them the same post you used for yourself. It seems like a rip-off!

  2. Elon, I just removed the extra 3 identical posts. Yikes. I wonder what happened.