Thursday, September 28, 2006

Big Brother is Watching You

For some time I've used the picture of my BNL ID as my profile picture on Facebook. Yesterday I got a call from Brookhaven informing me that they got a call from the US Dept. of Energy's security division (to which my first thought was: "I didn't do it! No, really, not this time."). It turns out that somehow they discovered my Facebook profile picture and were not happy about it. I needed to take it down immediately.
To be honest, I'm not really sure what the problem is, since the ID expired a few months ago, and they scanned a barcode on the back of it any time I entered Brookhaven. Also, I'm not quite sure why the DOE is even looking at Facebook and, assuming they do, how they found my profile out of all others. Although, as the following picture shows, I suspect that we may have discovered a major source of government ineffeciency.
In any case, rather than having the full force of the DOE's security SWAT team on my back, my Brookhaven National Laboratory ID is no longer my Facebook profile picture. Instead, it's this:


  1. Oh no! If they see your facebook profile, then they can see the pictures of your friends and groupmates, and well let's just say they may suspect you of being a fellow traveler.

    I can see the headlines now. Communists have infiltrated Brookhaven! Worldwide Panic! Jubilation in Cuba

  2. speaking of defying authority, what ever became of the lawsuit threatened by Only Simchas?

  3. Shhh, Chaim. We don't talk about such things here.

  4. And here I thought that Brookhaven was calling to tell you that you had been nominated for a Nobel Prize!

  5. If you get sent to Guantanamo Bay, can I have your stereo? Your bank account? Your kidneys?

  6. Oh, fabulous. Lavatory.

    *shakes head in amusement*