Thursday, September 20, 2007

More ID cards and email addresses

My status as a graduate student is somewhat complicated. I'm a student at the City University of New York's doctoral granting school The Graduate Center (GC). But in the CUNY system, if you're getting a Ph.D. in a science, you take many of the intro-level classes and do your research at a specific CUNY school. In my case, that's City College (CCNY). What this means is that I'm officially a student of The GC. As such, I register, get library access, a student ID, email address, etc. through them. However, I get advised, take some classes, etc. through CCNY. Although my GC ID works at CCNY, they prefer that I get a CCNY ID and email address. So I did.
However, my research will be done out of the Benjamin Levich Institute. This is a joint research thingy between the physics and chemical engineering departments at CCNY, Columbia University and a couple other schools. To make a rather long story short (maybe I'll write about it another time), because of this, I'm taking a class on polymers and soft materials at Columbia. This means another ID and email address.Careful readers will note that my CCNY ID has me listed under the Levich Institute. In principle I can get yet another ID with me listed under the physics department, but I haven't had time for that yet.


  1. Eli, you definitely need that Levich ID. And make sure you get IDs from each of those "Couple other schools" as well. The blogits are waiting.

  2. lol, yeah collect them all and break some sort of record.
    also, get like a million facebook networks out of those new emails.