Thursday, November 15, 2007

Debris Free Zone

In the cellar of the engineering building at City College there's a hallway which has this sign hanging at regular intervals:
They are clearly very serious about this: not even any cardboard!
But then again, maybe they aren't so serious:
It is like this along the entire hallway.


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  2. Ah, Engineers. We have a 2 million dollar combustion experimenting device sitting in a hall at Rutgers Engineering, even if its because the device couldn't fit throught the door of the proffesors lab. He is actauly trying to get them to rip down a wall to get it into his lab, they would of course rebuild the wall... Eventualy

  3. You think chemists are any better? Upstairs on the third floor, you can find tons of junk that no one needs, but that would also be to much trouble to throw away.

  4. Which reminds me - now that you are no longer living here, when are you going to finally get rid of all the junk in your former closet?

  5. When is he going to get rid of the debris in his former closet? When is he going to get rid of the debris in his CURRENT closet!!!!