Sunday, February 24, 2008

Library Intelli Response

NJIT has this new AI system that tries to answer questions about the library.
They bribed me to test it out with chips and the (prospect of eating in the library with permission).
These are some of the questions that I asked it:
  • do we need a license to raise cattle in the stacks? (the answer involved library fee policy)
  • I have a pet goldfish, will he have access to the computer services?? (answer involved my account)
  • is there a fine for reckless driving in the library?
  • can I join the army if my cousin is in jail for stealing a chili dog?? (no suggested answer)
    They said to use slang so here is my try at slang:
  • yo! check it- see i be needing a journal but I can't no catch them? (it answered this one correctly!)
  • is there a fireplace anywhere so i can warm my toes?
  • I lost my pet walrus in the library last Thursday, have you seen him?


  1. Glorious, Yoni. Simply glorious.

  2. I tried it out too.

    Can I use the library as a driving range? No, because I don't have an NJIT ID card.

  3. "Do you have any idea what this question is about?"