Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Present

Last night I was at Rutgers in a computer lab working on a presentation for my engineering economics group class project when I get a Google chat from my mother telling me that my birthday present was in her trunk because it was to heavy for her to carry into the house. Well I of course wondered what it was my mother had gotten for me, so when I home at 2:00 AM and popped open the trunk of her car I was happy to see this.

My mother got me a window AC unit for my room, the central air system in my house is not good enough to keep my room cool if I am using my computer, so I had in past years asked for a window AC unit, and now my wish has come true.
Not the best fit know to man, I used quite a bit of clear packaging tape to make up for the fact the the accordion part could not actually stretch as far as it is supposed to and to block the bottom of it (there is a decent gap between the bottom of the AC unit and the window ledge in my room.