Sunday, September 13, 2009

Open Letter to the BU Farmer’s Market

Dear Kelly,
I have recently purchased my books for the semester from the BU Barnes and Nobles and so I have no money left. Do you know if the BU farmers market will accept an arm and/or a leg instead of cash? I heard that is the way they do business.

As you can see in the photo, squash is $3 a pound. The same squash is $1 a pound in my local market but in a less fancy basket.

Below is the email to which I was replying, the green font was their choice because of the amount of green cash required to make use of this farmers market:

About the Farmer’s Market:
Dining Services is a proud sponsor of the weekly market featuring locally grown
fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, and crafts made by area artists.
Stop by every Thursday through the end of October and support your local
vendor community!


  1. The same squash is...

    See, there's your mistake. It's not the same squash. The squash sold at the farmer's market is locally grown, allowing them to save transportation, reducing carbon footprint and saving costs. Oh, wait a second....

  2. It is still cheaper than buying that squash in Yankee Stadium.