Sunday, February 20, 2011

What to do with all your plastic bags

I recently found myself surprised with how many plastic bags I had hoarded in the two+ years I have been in Boston. But of course - the knowledge that the number was ridiculous is certainly no reason to throw any out - but it did encourage me to think of creative ways to avoid a hoarder diagnosis. In particular - I needed a way to use up my plastic bags and avoid getting so many new ones and all this with relatively minimal effort.

There are many ways make large bags from by crocheting thread from plastic bags. These would be extremely labor intensive, both in making the yarn and crocheting. You could instead iron a few bags together into durable sheets - but then you still have to do a lot of old fashioned sewing to make it useful. You can also make large grocery bags from from a long list of random materials, but then you wouldn't have used the plastic bags at all.

Enter: the plastic bagsket

It does take a lot of effort to make.

But it works really well. To see detailed instructions of how to make it, see my alternate resume.

Update: When checking out - the confused bagger started to stuff the bagsket inside of a plastic bag as the bag itself were groceries ... recursive nightmare.

Note that I have finally gotten with the times here and made my defacto picassa album for this blog public. See all the photos I ever uploaded to the blog in one place here. You can also click any of these photos to see larger versions, and the entire album.

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