Sunday, June 05, 2011

Turks Head from a Plane

It is always nice when you recognize places you have been from a plane. On the way back from California I took this picture of Turks Head in Canyonlands Utah.
Below is a picture of my brothers and I inside that canyon in front of Turks Head (we conoed down that river).

Here is the zoomed out version of the airplane photo.

I've tried to recreate the scene with google earth here

But in case you don't have that plugin then you can see a poor-man's version of the view from bing maps here.


  1. WOW! Amazing view!

    Some further info...

    When we floated the Green River in May 2003, it was running at about 9,000 cubic feet per second.

    When you took this picture, it was at about 21,000 cubic feet per second.

    It is currently at 31,200 !!! And expected to go higher !!!

    According to National Parks Traveler

    "As of May 10th, the Colorado Basin River Forecast Center was predicting a 50 percent chance that the Green River will peak at 46,000 cfs this year and a 90 percent chance that flows will reach at least 38,000 cfs. The last time that flows exceeded 38,000 cfs was in 1983; flows above 46,000 cfs have not occurred since 1922."

    That rock you were sitting on might currently be an island.

    For current and historical water flow see
    U.S. Geological Survey’s National Water Information System

  2. Yeah, I noticed it when going to LA, too.

  3. Sunday June 12th, 9:24 am. The water level is up to 45,300!!! Is it going to reach 46,000 and exceed the 1922 record? Stay tuned.

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  5. 46,800!!! And still climbing. Sunday June 12th, 7:32 pm.

    Check out this video of the Cataract Canyon rapids from this past Friday.

  6. Yoni - that is incredible!

  7. Thanks Eli - and wow the moot.