Saturday, September 17, 2011

specializing in all hair styles, lesson on signage

Specializing means to Confine oneself to providing one particular product or service

The sign says
"Tony's BARBER SALON specializing in all hair styles"
Maybe Tony is an immigrant and he thinks that specializing just means we can do.


  1. Maybe they confine themselves to hair, as opposed to nails or surgery like other barber salons.

  2. Good point, notElon. It could be another bagels, tanning and laundromat situation. Like, haircuts, nails and brain surgery.

  3. Interestingly, this is the third link for "bagels, tanning, and laundromat" on google. The first two are Snooki complaining there are no bagel, tanning, laundromats in Italy. So it seems that maybe the idea of putting the three together is not so random. It just appeals to a market segment that does not overlap at all with us on the Venn diagram of life.

  4. haha, notElon, I'd like to see this venn diagram of life you speak of on cold-hard-facts!

  5. The idea of putting the three together goes back many years to when we used to visit our grandparents in Queens. There was one building we'd always pass which had three different establishments in it: bagels, tanning, and laundromat. We wondered if they tanned in the bagel oven, cooked the bagels in the dryers, and dried the clothes in the tanning beds.