Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Awesome Foundation Growth

As a trustee of the Boston Chapter of the Awesome foundation, I have access to about 12,000 of the applications we have received as well as information about which projects we have funded.

If we plot thousands of dollars granted vs. time, then we see that since March 2010 The Awesome Foundation has been growing exponentially. I was pretty astounded, that while presenting it to the the Awesome Summit crowd actually applauded my exponential fit... after many years of making these kinds of graphs I am used to blank stares, yawns, polite but disinterested nodding and the like. I'm so glad that people actually liked it.

Also, below is a cool streamgraph showing the number of grant applications we have received over time, separated by region.

See a lot more detail, and some LDA topic modelling too at my alternate resume over here: Awesome Data Analysis.

Thanks Nikki Lee, Jacob Model, Christina Xu and Kara Brickman for help organizing the data.

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