Tuesday, September 04, 2012

And I am Back

Well it's been a long summer (although when you think about it, it's been about as long as it usually is), and here we are in September the official end of summer for students.  Go for it, you can say it, "but you have graduated, you are no longer a student" to which I reply "yep."  Well then, you may want to know why I haven't posted all summer, yet somehow as soon as school doesn't start for me again I post.  I could tell you not much happened to me over the summer that was blog worthy, but we all know that is simply not the case.  But in my own defense this summer was pretty boring by a Lansey brother's standard.

I did some interesting things this summer, which I may tell you about at some point.  I also decided to learn the names and connections of all the bones in the body (as a fun side note if you want a tired person to fall asleep just start reciting all the names, if you start at the top with the frontal and temporal bones by the time you get up to the ossa innominata your target will be out cold).

It seems that you at least are still awake.  So as a reward.

How is that for a non sequitur.

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