Sunday, March 09, 2014

Fun with a microscope

I converted my smartphone into a microscope several weeks ago, and I've been microscoping everything in sight ever since... I might actually have a problem. Out of the hundreds there are a few I'd like to share with you.

Snowflakes in Boston are usually crummy looking. Every once in a while though, a complete snowflake will get all the way down to the ground without partially melting and refreezing, or smooshing into other flakes. Because of this, snowflakes are a mystery to many people. I encourage you to look closely freshly fallen snow, on your jacket or some other dark surface and you may be surprised; patterns like this are rare but plainly visible to the naked eye.

Spiders have tons of eyes. In front, in back, on the side. I think this one is some kind of a wolf spider. It wasn't all that big, remember I'm using a microscope.

This is some raw spaghetti.

This is a piece of retro reflective tape from my friend Bike Safe Boston. You can see the individual glass spheres that it is made of.

If you have something you want microscoped then leave a suggestion in the comments!

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