Monday, June 23, 2014

Spreadsheet Template for Sharing Cost Among Friends

My genius friend Daniel Martin-Alarcon (at right) built a masterpiece G-Docs spreadsheet template for splitting costs among friends and/or roommates.

This template is entirely free and editable by the public so go ahead and fill it up Internets! ... but you probably want to make a copy for serious use ...

Here is the link in full textual glory:

My roommates and I have been using this for about a year – from party supplies to toilet paper – it is ridiculously convenient.

Here is an example: I bought two things, that benefited myself (N1) and my 2 roommates (N2, N3). My "anonymous roomie" bought one thing which benefited all of us.

Here we immediately see who owes money and who is owed. (some names redacted).

If they pay you back, it is logged in the system and it all balances out. The beauty of using this (and why it works so well with long term friends and/or roommates) is that they don't have to actually pay you back directly. Instead they can pay the next electric bill or pay a mutual friend that you owe money to, things will even out (and if they don't you can add colors to highlight scumbag friends).

If you liked this doc - search up Daniel's email address here and thank him for having me post this here, in his own words:
for the greater enlightenment of humanity

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