Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rental Cars are America's Trains

I recently found myself in Lancaster California without a car. I tried renting a bicycle - but the only one they had was a souped up mountain bike that cost $65 a day. Public transportation to the LA airport (a 1.5 hour drive without traffic) would take 5 hours by train/bus, or 12 hours if I left after 7:00 pm.

So I jogged over a highway to the corner of Drivers Way and Motor Lane to rent a car. I am not making this up, those are the actual street names as you can see below.

As I'm lamenting the fact that my only reasonable travel option is to drive myself in a car – I notice the familiar architecture of rental agency building. Yes. The rental car building was a historic train station.

And now there isn't even a remnant left of its former utility among the highways and parking lots.

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